Charitable Activities Research Project from the Perspective of Education of Children in the Future

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  Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation cooperates with the Global Philanthropy Institute, the 21st Century Education Research Institute and other domestic and foreign educational charitable research institutes in order to affect various stakeholders of educational charity, form industry guidance, and promote the balanced development of children's education and public welfare charity through research, case study, expert consultation and exchange at home and abroad, organization of workshops and publication of research reports. Project vision:

1. From the perspective of the future development of education, we should deepen the cognition of education funders and the executives of educational public welfare organizations on education equity, guide them to form a more long-term perspective of public education funding.

2. Through the exchange and learning between domestic and international counterparts, we can improve the collaboration ability of various organizations involved in the project, build interactive communication platform and resource docking network, guide the relevant parties to pay attention to the blank areas of public welfare in education, promote resource docking and cooperation, integrate and improve the effective use of resources, thereby promoting and leading the healthy development of educational public welfare ecosystem.

3. Under the guidance of international experts, we should master international research norms and discourse system, improve the problems research ability of project participants, summarize Chinese cases in a more international way, strive for the voice and display opportunities of international platforms for domestic public welfare organizations in the future, and promote the sharing and reference from practical experience in the field of children's education charity in various countries.

Download the Report: Step Back for Advancing, Exploration and Practices of Chinese Foundations in Childhood Education.pdf

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