Action with Love. Support Program for Special Children in Regular Classes

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  Action with love is the support program for special children in regular classes funded by the Laoniu Brother & Sister Philanthropy Foundation and implemented by the Guangzhou Yangai Parents Club for Special Children. "Action with Love" takes the meaning of "integrated education, caring action". The program is a public service project aimed at providing individualized counseling for special children in regular schools, sending trained special education assistants to ordinary schools to help formulate individualized education plans for special children to attend regular classes, assisting special children to gradually adapt to school life, developing good learning habits, helping students communicate with teachers to improve the quality of education in regular classes. Meanwhile,all children at school can achieve the unity of knowledge and action in learning, experience and action by systematic integration of moral education curriculum and practical activities, and make the campus atmosphere more friendly and integrate through the participation of children.

  For this reason, it is particularly important for support teachers (including special education assistants) to improve their professional abilities in regular classes. They are not only related to whether children can obtain proper education or can "mix with classes" at schools, meanwhile, but also affect a series of problems that disabled children may be excluded and isolated by teachers, suffer discrimination or injury from classmates, and even be required to drop out of school, leave school, transfer to other schools. Due to the influence of policy environment, in the second half of 2018, Qizhi School in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou began to withdraw to supervise and support special education assistants. The professional growth of special education assistants of Action with Love Project urgently needs the support of relevant forces. On the one hand, it is to carry out professional and technical supervision and systematic training courses for special education assistants, sum up experience further to expand the numbers of special education assistants to help more special children better integrate into the school. On the other hand, it is to explore long-term cooperation mechanism with ordinary schools, establish pilot schools in the construction of campus accommodation and campus professional technical support.


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