Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation - Yao Foundation Rural Sports Assistance Program

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  Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation - Yao Foundation Rural Sports Assistance Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Assistance Plan") takes the Horqin Right Front Banner of Hinggan League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Qingshuihe of Hohhot, a poverty-stricken county at the district level, as the project points, and serves as the Inner Mongolia Competition Area of "Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season" in 2019. Through matching hardware, teacher support, basketball training and league matches, the aim is to give students in rural areas a chance to understand basketball and feel the spirit of sports, so that they can also enjoy the happiness of sports, physical and mental development, healthy growth. The highlight of the project is that it does not aim at the championship but effectively integrates the resources of the local government and the Youth Foundation. It basically forms the project operation mechanism of authorization, management and guidance by the Yao Foundation, supervision and appointment by the Youth Foundation of China and Provinces, and undertaking and execution by local governments and universities.


  In China, compared with urban children, schools in remote minority areas such as Horqin Right Front Banner and Qingshuihe County are limited by hardware facilities and software teachers. They are unable or unwilling to carry out regular, more professional sports teaching activities due to emphasize on achievement and neglect so-called "sub-disciplines" such as music, sports and aesthetics education in the examination-oriented education system. Basketball education is even less. Meanwhile, it is difficult for students in areas like Horqin Right Front Banner to obtain the sports education services in the market by paying, which has caused the marginalization of sports education for students in this area, and also an important manifestation of the gap between them and students in the developed areas. This problem is solved by support from college students for education, but sporadic and loose teamwork support for education can not make up for the lack of quality education in rural areas.


  In this regard, the support plan will be based on the "Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season" software and hardware combined with sports support mode of basketball training and league matches, adhering to the philanthropy concept of "educating people with sports" , so that children in minority remote areas, such as Horqin Right Front Banner, have the opportunities to understand basketball, feel the spirit of sports, enjoy sports, help children develop physically and mentally, and grow healthily.


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